Homemade infused essential oils

Not quite as potent as distilled essential oils you find in shops, these are cheaper as you can make them yourself! They have lots of beneficial properties; you can use them for cuts and bruises or as part of your own skincare routine.

Experiment with various herbs like lavender or calendula as these are great for minor burns and scratches or as face moisturisers. Rosemary is another fantastic and readily available herb, or you could try lemon balm which has a fabulous scent.

Some herbs will give up their scent far more easily than others, so experiment with what feels right and with what is available to you. Trial and error is all part of the process! I assure you, it will be worth it.


  • Herbs (you can use dry or fresh, just remember you will need a larger quantity if using fresh)
  • 200ml grapeseed oil
  • Glass jars or bottles with tight fitting lids

Put the herbs and oil into a Bain Marie. If you don’t have one available, put them into large jar with a tight-fitting lid and place them into a saucepan of water.

Heat gently to precisely 65 degrees Celsius as it is at this point the molecules containing the lovely scents of herbs burst and release themselves into the oil. Keep at this temperature for 5 minutes, then remove from the heat and leave it to cool.

Strain into clean jars/bottles and use as needed.

You can also use spices like clove instead of herbs, around 2 tbsp, and this is a great oil for banishing spiders from dark corners as they don’t like the smell!

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