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Natural and Organic

The Balm Pantry started with the idea of producing natural, organic cosmetics that are good for the skin, don’t cost the earth (literally!) and are safe to use for the whole family.

Having raised a child, I know how difficult it is to find the right products for problematic skin.  All our products are Vegan, made from 100% natural organic ingredients, not tested on animals only willing humans and come in recyclable packaging.

Our Happy Customers

How did we start?

When growing up, my daughter had sensitive skin that resulted in a variety of skin reactions and conditions when using commercial laundry powders and various lotions, even prescription ones from pharmacies. We had to stop using these products and, after extensive research and various trials, we opted for natural organic soap nuts for washing clothes and I began to make her soothing lotions to apply after a shower. 


Although this helped with most of her skin problems, the research made me realise something else: it is the overall exposure to chemicals that we endure each and every day while using commercially produced cosmetics that do the biggest damage to our skin over a long period of time. Without really knowing what it contains or how it was made, we lather these products on our face and body and use washing up liquids, laundry detergents and hundreds of other harmful substances without a second thought.

This was my initial inspiration for finding something truly pure, organic and nurturing for the skin. Something that I can make from scratch and be in control of exactly what goes into my product while being able to sleep soundly knowing it has no nasty chemicals in it!

And voilà… The Balm Pantry was born!

Our Promise

Here at The Balm Pantry, we are committed to producing natural and nurturing creams, balms and soaps that are good for us, our skin and our planet.

Our packaging is fully recyclable and re-usable meaning if you buy a product from us, you will not only have a fantastic balm that your body will thank you for, but also a lovely jar to use afterwards! Now that’s what I call recycle and re-use!

At The Balm Pantry HQ we also provide refuge to unwanted animals and take good care of our 5 Anglo-Nubian Goats Maisie, Daisy, Freddy, Floki and Fleur, 3 lovely , but very greedy (and slightly overweight) sheep Zuzi, Tootsy and Ramsy, 3 lady chickens plus 3 very naughty but nice dogs Hugo, Henry and Harley.

We also believe that being kind to the planet and animals is a reflection of who you are and therefore we do our utmost to help, care, recycle and live by the motto “live and let live”, as we believe that the planet is not ours, but it is there to be shared and cared for by us all, animals and humans alike.